Sunday thought..

I just like to share a random thought from my week.

I have the most incredibly talented group of friends, and each and every one of them is stupidly modest about how brilliant they are. In this crazy competitive and frantically busy world maybe it’s worth taking the time to point out to someone you care for how amazing they are.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I spend so much time trying to succeed and be better that I don’t actually realise what I have achieved. Try writing down all the things you’ve done in the last week, month or year; from the stupidly little things that only mean something to you, to the larger decisions that have affected friends and family. It might just give you that warm glowing feeling inside and set you up for the cold winter week ahead!

One thought on “Sunday thought..

  1. So true! One of the good things about keeping a blog has been the ability to sit for ten minutes clicking ‘random post’ and remembering all the stuff I’ve been up to. Life is exciting, and it can be a trap to spend too much time thinking about the past, but on a Sunday evening it’s nice!

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