Colour me happy!

Last week, I popped back to leafy Surrey to do a bit of filming. It gave me the opportunity to pop round to my Dad’s house for a cup of tea and a catch up. When rummaging through my old room for things I might want to take back to London, I came across this book…

It’s a short book of simple experiments to show different aspects of colour, from why we see multiple colours in a rainbow to how many everyday colours are made up from mixing a more limited palate. I remember devouring this book – making my Mum help me do all the experiments. It was heaven for a little geek like me!

I can’t imagine a life without colour. Would either of these scenes be so awe-inspiring, so spectacular, without it?

Walking the dog at West Wittering


Troutbeck tongue, Lake District
Perceiving colour is not straightforward though. For one thing, context is important. Beau Lotto shows this, and other aspects of visual perception, in a TED talk from 2009:
 While you ponder on that, I’m off to re-live my childhood. I’m attempting the experiment I could never make work as a child…

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