Top interesting facts of the day!

So the first day of the wonderful Cheltenham Science Festival is now over! Here’s a quick little post which some of the volunteers put together to tell me about the most interesting science titbits they learnt today!

  • “Last year, the richest 1% of the country had an average pay rise of 30%, whereas on average the rest of us had a pay cut” Jonathon Porritt, Limits of our planet,
  • “9 of the 12 china’s leaders are engineers and scientists” Jonathon Porritt, Limits of our planet
  • “If you’re have a heart attack you should chew aspirin as it gets absorbed into your system faster” Professor Emma Baker, Heart Attack
  • “In this hour, you’re life expectancy would have risen by 12 minutes”, Matt Parker, Science Question TIme
  • ‘Cannabis plants don’t keep their active chemicals inside their cells as they would kill them. Inside, the chemicals are found on the outside of the leaves, making the plant feel sticky.’ Science of Cannabis
  • “Kangaroos have three vaginas!” Little Atoms

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