Bedtime stories for scientists – part 1

Life is busy, very busy. It seldom leaves many of us time to sit down and take a moment, or to read a good book. If I do get a chance to read, distractions and tiredness often make it hard to concentrate on the words and I fail to be fully immersed in the world described on the pages.

This annoys me. I love to read, and I love to be so involved in a book that I fail to notice the world around me. When I was younger, I used to listen to audio books at bedtime. I would close my eyes and let the narrator’s voice wash over me. It wouldn’t be long before my imagination took me to the children’s island camp in ‘Swallow and Amazons’, or the supernatural activities on the Whitby cliffs in ‘The Whitby Witches’.

Remembering these audio books got me thinking; what if there were audio versions of popular science books? Some of those who popularize science write so beautifully; would I, or you, appreciate their words more in this busy world if they were read to us?

With the help of the wonderful Ed Prosser, I’ve recorded me reading a short excerpt from four different popular science books (which I will publish in separate posts). The first excerpt is from Richard Fortey’s book, ‘Trilobite‘. Take a moment on your journey to work, your lunch break, or even when you get home in the evening, and let yourself be taken into Fortey’s childhood explorations.

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