Communicating information, past and present, at the London Transport Museum

Today I decided to visit the London Transport Museum after an advert in TimeOut for an exhibit, called ‘Painting by Numbers: Making Sense of Statistics’, caught my eye.

When I got there it turned out that the exhibit was very small. It consisted of about 12 posters from the early 1900s showing how information can be displayed well…. and not so well. Facts, figures and statistics about the London Underground are not an instantly captivating subject and so it was interesting to see how communicating them was approached.

Also showing at the Transport Museum is the ‘Sense and the City’ exhibit. This is a fascinating look at how (online) technology and social media is changing the way that information is communicated and people interact, and how that is impacting the London transportation system.

The message given by the exhibition was (obviously!) very positive; demonstrating how more, and more efficient transfer of, information will result in a better transport system. This is quite idealistic and the exhibit didn’t deal with any potential negatives that new technologies and too much information can bring. Still, it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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