Ben Miller – I worked with actor, comedian and presenter Ben Miller to research and develop chapters of his upcoming book. One area of research was about how past experiences and current research into communication with different cultures and species on Earth can help us anticipate and learn to communicate with potential aliens species.

UCL – Project manager and producer of UCL Minds, a new app series showcasing some of the research and researchers at UCL. Responsibilities included, but were not limited to, recruiting a team, managing the research and production of original content by the team, providing editorial and creative input, liaising with the app designer and developer, and management of the budget.

Wellcome Trust – I have undertaken out a number of projects for the Wellcome Trust, all within their Engaging Science team. These include the project management of a collaboration with games designers Codemasters and an internal research project analysing the current audience demographics for scientific content on television.


Previous work also includes content development for the Science Museum‘s Lates programme and the project management, and production of content for, the re-design of Lord Winstonʼs personal website.