Part of the Science Gallery International network, Science Gallery London will be a dynamic new gallery at King’s College London; opening in 2018 it will engage young adults through the intersections of arts and science.

The MOUTHY season was a pre-opening pop up season where I led on19 projects that were delivered in 12 weeks of programming (34 events, performances and workshops, 1 festival, 6 installations and 3 public art works) with many internal and external stakeholders. Works were identified through an open call process; they included events that took place in unusual locations such a railway tunnels, and installations in pop up galleries and public locations.

Evaluation of the season showed that it was highly successful, attracting high audience numbers from key demographics who enjoyed the activities and were inspired by the content.

An overview of my responsibilities in the role:

  • Co-ordination and delivery of all MOUTHY related activities and events including performances, workshops, launch and finale events, and potential installations.
  • Managing and arranging event and installation logistics, project meetings and practical aspects of the delivery of the season
  • Co-ordination of a network of internal and external stakeholders
  • Budget management for the season
  • Assisting with marketing and communications requirements
  • Assisting with the development of an evaluation framework