I have researched and developed content suitable for a range of channels and formats. This requires the ability to understand and simplify complex scientific information, build compelling narratives, and to form good professional working relationships with a diverse range of people. I have assisted with script writing, set up and assisted on filming trips in the UK and internationally with multiple contributors and locations as well as assisted with aspects of post-production, including sourcing archive.

Specialist set up has been required for many productions, such as on Inside Incredible Athletes, (Channel 4). For this feature-length documentary, which began Channel 4’s coverage of the 2012 Paralympic Games, unique experiments were required to profile the physiology Paralympians with a wide range of disabilities.

The subject matter of many productions I have worked is complex. I have scripted short animations/films, and assisted with scripting on documentaries, that tell an engaging story without compromising the scientific content.

Other feature credits/roles:

Consultant, ChristieHQ Carried out a literature review of academic publications about the effects of caffeine on the human body

Development assistant producer, Independent producer Working with an independent producer to develop concepts and content for a potential new television series

Assistant producer, Renegade Pictures Mammoth Autopsy (Channel 4/Smithsonian) Researched the emerging scientific field of de-extinction

Researcher, BBC (Factual London) Horizon (BBC2), How you really make decisions – about the mental shortcuts behind your automatic, fast decision making

Researcher, BBC (Factual London) Horizon (BBC2), Swallowed by a black hole – about the role of black holes in the evolution of galaxies and life on Earth